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Tips on preventing identity theft.
In the spirit of cybersafety this week, I bring you blog posts from the AICPA.

From the Journal of Accountancy and posted by AICPA Communications.

1.It’s Data Privacy Day.Where has your ID been?

2.Identity theft a risk to consumers as online purchases increas

YCA Newsletter
What Cybersecurity is and is not
Training -TBD

By Karen Beth Okwu


What It Is Not

□ It is not about coding or else we would mostly be safe.

□ IT Specialist problem alone.

□ You watching helplessly as the cybercriminals operate.

□ Limited to the internet.

□ Taking expensive course of action to keep safe.

□ For the bigs guys with strong financials.

What It Is

□ Keeping your valuable data safe from unauthorized access. Your data is gold waiting to be mined.

□ About business operations, training, policies and procedures.

□ It is a combination of Digital and Physical measures.

□ It is your legal and ethical business responsibility.

□ Course of action or plan don’t does not have to break the bank.
Data Breach
Stolen data, stolen identity.

Have you ever wondered if you have suffered a data breach?
You will be surprised at what you will find.

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