Cybersafety Connections May 2021 #14

Welcome to the month of May 2021 , the 5th Month of the year.

Be in The Know  

  • Deepfakes still very much around.  
  • Uses-Personal or Professional?  
  • How to Spot them.  
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About a year and 5 months ago I began to learn about Deepfakes at the ACFE Chicago Holiday Luncheon in a presentation by Mason Wilder, a Research Specialist at ACFE. And the outcome? I became suspicious of YouTube videos by my church in Nigeria, Living Faith Church, and videos by my Performance Mastery Coach Per Bristow! How would I know If the videos were real or Deepfakes putting fake words in the mouth of the Bishop or my Coach?  


Notice how I was not worried about the use of deepfakes to commit fraud? It was more personal to me. Yes, a big concern in the area of fraud is a situation where you get a Deepfake video of your Boss authorizing fraudulent payments that you made out of fear of disobeying your Boss, and the company suffered a loss. The email/video deceived you! Luckily, we don’t have Deepfakes walking around and deceiving us about the real people we know including your significant other!   

So in essence, Deepfakes help spread disinformation and lead you astray if not detected.  

How to Spot Them  

The root cause of the fear of Deepfakes stems from the inability to detect the fake from the real and the lack of knowledge of how humans plus machines can counter this emerging threat. Here are some tips on how to spot Deepfakes.  

  • Strange blinking.  
  • Facial movements.  
  • Shifts in skin tone and lighting.  
  • A weird mixture of two faces.  

Here is the complete article that provided some tips on how to spot Deepfakes.  


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