Cybersfetyconnections March 6, 2023, vol#108

White House on Cybersecurity  

  • 2 years and counting for Whitehouse cyber moves Whitehouse Cyber Strategy  
  • The latest Whitehouse cybersecurity strategy plans mean greater responsibility for tech companies.  
  • Breakdown of President Biden’s administration cybersecurity plans.  

Whitehouse Cybersecurity Strategy  

Happy new week and new month with White House cybersecurity plans.
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For the past two years, I have followed the development of regulations regarding cybersecurity and cryptocurrency. Here is the initial blog posts on Biden administrations cybersecurity efforts.

The Cybersecurity Landscape  

International Cybercrime Prevention Act  

The white house just released the cybersecurity strategy we have been waiting on Whitehouse Cyber Strategy . The plans will be implemented eventually.

Shift Burden to Software and Tech Companies  

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 The latest Whitehouse cybersecurity Strategy plans aims to shift the burden of cybersecurity from individuals, small businesses, and local governments to tech companies.   

In our remote and hybrid work environment, the burden for cybersecurity should shift to software developers and tech companies that have the money, materials, staff, and know-how. These tech companies have the bandwidth to bear the burden of cybersecurity in our digitally transforming environment.  

Breakdown of Whitehouse Cyber Strategy  

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  • What it means is that there will be a liability for software makers that do not provide adequate cybersecurity safeguards in developing and maintaining their products and services.  
  • On the other side of the coin, there will be protection for software developers that take all the necessary precautions to securely develop and maintain products and services when there is still a cyber breach.  
  • Additionally, Pennsylvania avenue is looking for backup national insurance just in case there is a national catastrophic cyberattack.  
  • In defending critical infrastructure there will be an increase in the minimum requirement for cybersecurity measures, and efforts to are being made to streamline regulations and treat ransomware as a national security threat and not just as a criminal offense.  
  • In the short term, efforts are being made to tackle urgent threats and in the long run, there are plans to provide a stimulus for investment in cybersecurity.  
  • Cybersecurity research and development in emerging tech is being encouraged and there are plans for investing in the cyberworkforce.  
  • On the international frontier, there are plans to continue international partnerships to fight cyber threats and create a more secure Global supply chain for communication technology with nations that share a mutual interest.  
  •  IT service providers are being tasked with the responsibility to report cyberattacks capable of affecting national networks. 
  • And finally, a Cybersecurity Safety Review Board consisting of the public and private sectors was created to look at cyberattacks and advocate for ways to protect against cyberattacks. 

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