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Hi my name is Karen.I finally decided to start a blog convinced I can combine my profession and passion.Many thanks to my Mentors,Sponsors and Coaches who were instrumental to my decision to start a blog.This could not have been possible without their support.

Before 2017 I was an ordinary Accountant/ Bookkeeper.By 2017 I became a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Fraud Examiner.Now that I have been equipped to make a difference,I am excited about fighting the good fight online and offline.When I am not working, keeping up with the latest developments in our field or volunteering in our community, I am training my voice, learning to dance Hip Hop,Zumba, writing songs, making music, blogging and posting videos on various social media platforms.So be on the lookout for my passion as well.

Here is my video below explaining my cybersecurity journey.

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