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Cybersafety Connections April 2021 Vol #11

 Be in the Know  

  • Phishing is still in vogue  
  • Falling for the tempting email/link/attachment is expensive  
  • There are steps to take to defend your organization  

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A phishing email is still widely used and successful in infecting organizations with malware that results in data breaches and ransomware. 

Although you may have been instructed not to click that link in the email or open the attachment, sometimes we cannot resist the temptation. So how do you protect your organization against malicious emails and links? 

Some steps you can take to prevent disastrous consequences are; 

  • Attachments Inspection 
  •  URL Inspection 
  • Behavioral Analytics using machine learning 

Read the whole article here in the link below. 

How to Prevent Phishing Attempts, Malware Delivery 

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