CybersafetyConnections June 2021 vol#18

Welcome to the middle of 2021. Still on all things cybersecurity for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBS). 

The bad actors are not sleeping. Here is another recent cyberattack incident that can teach us some tips 

to protect our businesses online when it happens! 

Be In the Know 

  • Cybersecurity attack is on the rise and no industry is sacred. 
  • Ransom is expensive. 
  • Steps to take to mitigate loss. 
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Cybersecurity Attack Is on The Rise 

JBS USA, the world’s largest meat supplier has been a target of organized cybersecurity attacks.  It is reported that the company’s backup servers were not affected. At this time, it is not yet known how consumers might be impacted by the cybersecurity attack.  

In addition, the company has stated that it is not aware of any evidence at this time that points to any customer, supplier, or employee data been compromised or misused as a result of the situation.  

Ransom Is Expensive 

Recently Colonial Pipeline got hit by a cybersecurity attack and paid a ransom of $5million. It seems this lucrative cyberattack as a service made other bad actors bold to carry out further cyberattacks in an ticipation of a handsome payout.  

Steps To Take to Mitigate Loss 

In response, JBS took some steps to mitigate the loss including:  

1.Suspending all affected systems. 

2.Notifiying all authorities. 

3.Activating all company’s global network of IT professionals and third-party experts to resolve the situation.  

4. And it is actively working with an Incident Response firm to restore its systems as soon as possible.  

Read the full article in the link below. 

Cybersecurity Attack on JBS U.S and Australia