Cybersafety Connections July 2021 Vol #26 

Be In The Know

  • Ransomware is an expensive Ransom habit. 
  • Negotiating with ransomware cyber-terrorist as described by two experts. 
  • Taskforce to fight ransomware cyber attacks. 
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Ransomware is an expensive Ransom habit 

For this week, the cybersafety Connections sheds light on how expensive the ransomware ransom is. 

Specialist Negotiation with Ransomware Cybercriminals  

Read about two ransomware negotiation specialists describe what it takes to successfully negotiate with cybercriminals who extort millions of dollars by sabotaging companies’ computer systems, and gaining unauthorized access to their data. Below is the link to the full story. 

Negotiation with ransomware cyber terrorist 

Task Force to Fight ransomware Cyberattacks 

On the home front, the U.S government is committed to fighting cyberterrorists of the ransomware kind and protecting our critical infrastructure, private and public sphere. Read the full details in the link below. 

White House Taskforce to fight Ransomware Attackers 

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