Cybersafety Connections August 2021 vol#29 

This week you have a sneak peek into the e-book I am writing about how I got introduced to technology back in the day. 

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Growing up in Africa, Benue State, Nigeria to be precise, I did not have access to computers, internet, or telephone. I went to the University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria for my undergraduate degree in accounting, took a class in Computer Science, excelled in the class without ever seeing or touching a computer or using the internet. Graduated from university in 1996, then headed for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Kano State, Nigeria in 1997. 

National Youth Service Corp 

National Youth Service Corps(NYSC) could also be translated to mean Now Your Suffering Continues! There were a 6 months lag time from graduation to NYSC because of the religious riots in the Muslim states! NYSC is a one-year transition period from college to the real world of work for people under 30 years of age. During this period, you were sent to any part of the country to live and work for one year and be compensated by the government. It was an opportunity to learn selfless service to the community and in today’s language practice diversity, Inclusion, and belonging. Your pay was guaranteed. People who had connections could influence their redeployment to the state and employer of choice.  


The transition started with three weeks in a Camp – Wudil was our camp in Kano State, Nigeria. Here we were drilled morning, noon, and evening. Nightimes were free. I think this was our closest brush with military-style training! I was fortunate to meet three of my friends from the University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria in camp-Nanre Kum(now Bolus) Maria Onaiji, and Patience Obeya. While in camp, my cousin Margaret Aina(nee Oiyije) heard I was in the same camp and searched for me till she found me. There were no smartphones then. Margaret was fortunate to be redeployed to serve in Central Bank, Kano State, Nigeria. The high point of our camp experience was a four-hour trek from around 8:00am till 12:00 noon. It was strength and endurance/ toughness training that helped when we had to walk to work in the village of Zakari.  

Computer ,Church and Choir 

While serving in Kano state, Nigeria, a Muslim stronghold, a corper (NYSC) friend Yinka Sorinolu and I signed up for computer classes to learn how to actually use a computer and the programs associated with it. Our mutual friend Godfrey Orkeh also a corper (NYSC) incidentally was an IT graduate who was our NYSC choir director in the Word Of Faith Christian Center, Nomansland, Kano State, Nigeria. Nomansland was the location where churches were allowed to exist as at that time. Godfrey Orkeh seemed the kind of guy I could imagine being married to sometimes in life though he was friends with another mutual corper friend Onyekachi Igwe. All four of us were in the NYSC choir at Word of Faith Christian Center. Godfrey Orkeh named me Queen Aisha –  I don’t know what he saw when I had no king or kingdom. So much so that when Onyekachi got ill and was hospitalized, we both had to visit and check on her in the hospital until she became well. My redeployment along with other NYSC colleagues was to a remote Muslim village. Zakari in Gabasawa LG. 

To be continued in the e-book!

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