Cybersafety Connections October 2021 Vol# 36 

  • Still on digital transformation in COVID-19 economy and beyond. 
  • Advanced Hardware and software solutions by Lenovo + CDW. 
  • Explanation for threat detection on previous blog for September 2021 Vol#34 on cybersecurity for Small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs). 

COVID-19 Digital Transformation   

Covid-19 forced digital transformation and we have a greater ability to work from anywhere with remote workers expecting greater flexibility.  

 Advanced Hardware and Software  

Adapting to the remote workforce meant there was need for advanced hardware and software solutions. While these services and devices can improve performance, productivity, and future-proof businesses in the remote work era, there is a need for secure interactions.

With remote workers there are so many devices and endpoints having access to IT infrastructure and therefore there is increased emphasis on security.IT departments are focusing on data privacy around the globe and Lenovo hardware is equipped to help IT teams mitigate breaches. How? The devices are protected by CDW software such as firewall, threat detection tools, and zero-trust security authentication.  1

 An explanation for Threat Detection  

This brings me to the previous blog on  Basic inexpensive cybersecurity defenses for small and big businesses. I happen to own a Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 (14”) Intel Laptop and this could explain how the hardware and software combo by Lenovo and CDW helped to protect from a possible phishing attempt. 


This is in no way an attempt to endorse Lenovo and CDW, just stating inexpensive preventive controls based on new information. 

1.Content from CDW: Maintaining Productivity in a rapidly changing world. August/September 2021

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