Cybersafetyconnections March 21, 2022, Vol #59

  • This week’s blog post is pretty short and sweet. 
  • These cybersecurity tips apply to big as well as small companies. 
  • Here are the cybersecurity tips from AICPA Town Hall meeting.
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Short and Sweet Cybersecurity Tips 

You know how all this time I have been blogging about cybersecurity for Small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) and writing extensively and curating articles? Well, this week, the prevention tips from AICPA Town Hall will be short and sweet. 

Cybersecurity Safety Tips 

  • Validate all remote access – Multifactor authentication is a necessity.  
  • Keep all software up to date that is Antivirus and anti-malware.   
  • Disable ports that are not essential. I find that Disabling Ports gives you an idea of what that means. You can also google the instructions to disable the port as is applicable.  
  • For using cloud services ask for SOC2 or SOC for Cybersecurity report to see if it is the cloud provider that has the most up-to-date report.   
  • Check that your backup exists and that it is working.   
  • Be on the alert to detect a data breach and act quickly.   
  • If you do business with Ukrainian Organizations, be sure to monitor, inspect and isolate traffic. I googled “monitor, inspect and isolate network traffic” and it gave me an idea of what it means and how to go about it.  

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