Cybersafetyconnections July 4th, 2022 Vol#74 

Happy 4th of July. 

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  •  First half of the year 2022 blogging was on latest frauds trend, how to prevent and mitigate cyberattacks, digital assets and virtual currencies, NFTs and experimenting with monthly podcasts. 
  • Second half of the year will still be focused on prevention and mitigation of cyberattacks, more on NFTs, Metaverse….. 
  • This week’s blog post is from an article: “Powering the Future of Hybrid Work” in Fortune May/June 2022. The blog post focuses on Google Chrome operating system (OS) used to improve hybrid work, and provide flexibility, and security. 
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First half of 2022 

The first half of the year was spent keeping up with the latest fraud trends and tips on how to prevent, protect and mitigate cyberattacks. The monthly podcast was introduced in this first half of the year. 

A lot of the blog posts focused on ransomware, phishing attacks, virtual currency and digital assets, aka NFT. 

Second Half of 2022 

For the next half of this year 2022, we will be keeping up with the latest cybersecurity trends and doing deep dive into Web3, NFTS, virtual assets, and digital currency. 

First the basics of how to prevent cyber-attacks in our hybrid work environment. 

Making Hybrid work effective, flexible and Secure 

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Google Chrome OS 

Again, this is not an endorsement of a particular product/service but more on pointing out a solution for solving hybrid work and cybersecurity challenges. 

Google offers a product called Google Chrome OS (Operating System) which promises to do endpoint proactive cyberattack prevention. Google Chrome OS has been created to carry out all your task using the internet and storing the task in the cloud. In this way, you would not need to download software to your device because you can use Google web app that is located on your device or task bar. You can google how to install google chrome OS 

How it started 

At the start of the pandemic and with the acceleration of digital transformation, business strategies had to change, and become somewhat fluid being in a state of flux while IT tried to catch up.IT can no longer afford to lag. The hybrid work model has made the workforce very mobile and opened the door for cybercrime making security a top issue. 

Hybrid model changed how we work and as such IT and business models had to keep in step. 

How it is going 

With hybrid work on the rise, companies have to provide their workforce with the kind of technology that helps them stay productive and safe from cyber threats at the same time. 

In solving for speed and security in hybrid operations, one solution enterprise leaders are working with is CDW’s very skilled specialists who are in partnership with Google to help leaders in every industry solve difficult IT problems. 

This partnership has allowed Chrome OS to be used around the globe to help with productivity, provide the foundation for hybrid strategies, and hasten the installation of the technology by controlling devices centrally via the cloud while at the same time providing a secure virtual desktop. 

How it works 

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Chrome offers a cloud-first experience and access to apps that workers need to do their job effectively. As for IT, Google Chrome OS makes IT controls work simpler and safer. 

A major high point is the promise of flexibility, resilience, and faster installation compared to competitors according to Google’s ESG technical review. 

Chrome OS quickly and safely installs in the business environment, providing fast and safe access to data that is stored in the cloud or through VDI and controlled via a central admin console. 

In terms of security, Chrome OS has built in proactive security tools helping companies to scan for threats in real-time, keep off cyberattacks and apply security policies and controls to the extent necessary. 

 According to Accenture 4 out of 5 business leaders have indicated that hardware and software needed to operate business, data and application services has become very important to the success and security of their organizations. The right platform will help maintain productivity, and security at the same time.

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