Cybersafetyconnections May 8, 2023, VOL#116 

  • A preview of a video from my cybersafety course for your viewing. 
  • Cybersafety tips for small and big businesses and I refer to tips from the course. 
  • Alas the transcript edited and hope I am not sounding too confusing cos I was mumbling at the end. There is room for improvement. 

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Hi in this training I’ll just be talking briefly about cyber security tips that 

is applicable to both small and mid-sized businesses so I’ll just share 

my screen briefly. Bear with me. 

Cybersecurity Tips for both small and big businesses 

Aright so what we have here is basically inexpensive tips, cyber security defenses for small and big businesses and so uh you have to have internal controls in place that will prevent as well as detect cyber-attacks or data breaches. 

Strong Password 

Strong password 

And at the basic level uh the preventive controls we are talking about is strong, first one strong password and multi-step Authentication to protect assets and we already mentioned strong password from uh the number three and the Cyber safety tips the number four was multi-factor authentication. 

Access Controls 

Access Controls 

Sorry my eyes are watering again okay bear with me, then number two is limiting access to data or systems to those who need it to perform core duties and we had that in number seven for physical access control. 

Limit downloads 

Clipart download button. 

Then number three says uh keeping a clean machine will promote acceptable if any internet download that that means being careful to uh you are careful to limit what you download on your machines or your computer or your devices. 

Updates and patches  

Updating latest security patches 

Then number four so one inexpensive way for small and big businesses to build server attack defenses is to keep all systems, apps, malware protection, security updates current and to automate updates.  

I mentioned in number two when we talked about patches that it is part of keeping your operating system and then your applications up to date whether you’re doing a patch (you might not be responsible for the patch) and for the updates when they are available which I personally do on my personal devices as well as my laptops and my mobile devices and work if you are permitted. 

So, uh so this is uh this is just a bit of how both small and big businesses can practice cyber safety according to Cybersecurity experts. Thank you again for being part of the training. 

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