Cybersafety Connections December 2021 Vol#46

We are almost at the end of the year 2021. Sorry I am just getting to do a review of November 2021.  

For the month of November 2021, Cybersafety Connections covered;  

Simple Cybersafety Tip  

This is one tip among many tips that could help in the fight against scams and cyber-attacks.  

Before a breach/Scam  

Do you know that ensuring your devices contain the latest operating system updates can protect against malware and viruses? These are the gatekeepers that help repair security holes that have been discovered and help to fix and remove computer bugs. More on the benefits of operating system update is in this link Why Operating Systems Updates are Important.  

After a breach/Scam  

And if you have been a victim of data breach/scam;  

Immediately uninstall software that fraudsters may have gotten you to download then run a software update followed by a virus check to make sure that you have not missed any malware.  

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