Cybersafetyconnections October 10/10/2022 Vol#87


  • Cybersafety tip #3 Password- yes that’s right password is still in vogue. 
  • Complex and lengthy password are the best at protecting against cyber-attacks. 
  • Password manager can be used to generate and store words. 
  • Has your password been compromised? Here is how to check for compromised password.

While we are still in the era of using passwords ,there are some  simple tips on passwords that can help protect against cyber-attacks. 

Password length, strength and change 

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Simple passwords like 12345 or password are a no no. The longer and more complex passwords are the better chance you have against cyberattacks. 

As a best practice password should have a minimum of 16 characters, be complex and exclusive. 

Password should not be re-used; the same password should not be used for all account logins nor should the same passwords be used for both personal and work access.   

Password Managers 

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Store passwords in a safe place and better still use a password manager. Generating and remembering such passwords may be difficult for you to do, which is why password managers like 1Password or Dashlane are used to generate and remember passwords.   

Check for compromised Passwords 

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Do you want to know if your password has been compromised in a third-party data breach? Check out this site

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