Cybersafetyconnections October 24,2022 vol#89  

Thats right, you heard that; Back up. 

  • Back up critical data regularly in the cloud and offline. 
  • Better to automate back up. 
  • Test to ensure back up exist and is working as intended. 

Back up regularly 

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Back up critical data on a regular basis. This is simply saving your data in the cloud and on an external storage device like a flash drive that is offline and keeping it in a safe place away from the office location. It is better to store copies of back up in the cloud and offline since cloud backup can also be hacked. When the cloud services get is hacked, there would then be offline back up to fall back on assuming it is in a safe location that hackers have no access to. 

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Automate backup 

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Back-up can be automated using services like Clonezilla or Comodo Backups.This should prevent the issue of forgetting to backup data. 

Test for back up 

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Ensure backup is done and don’t wait for a cyberattack to find out that back up has not been done and that data cannot be restored. If back up does not exist/not working as intended, then cybercriminals would have a field day, it would cost you money to pay ransom and it may disrupt your operations and even cause your business to shut down. Having back up is good financial back up plan as well!

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