Cybersafetyconnections October 31, 2022, vol#90 

 Cybersafety Tip#6 Zero Trust Access Policy 

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Implement a zero-trust access policy for users and devices by authenticating them before granting them access to network and network resources .

  • What is Zero Trust Access policy? 
  • Principles of Zero Trust Access policy 
  • Why is Zero Trust Access Policy important? 

What is Zero-trust Access Policy? 

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Zero Trust security network works on the principle that no person or device inside or outside the organization should be granted access to IT systems and resources unless authenticated and continuously verified. Zero-trust Access policy relies on strong authentication and authorization of all persons and devices inside and outside the organization before access is granted or data transfers takes place. 

Principles of Zero Trust Policy 

Here are the Principles on which the Zero-trust Access policy is based; 

  • Every user on a network is always assumed to be hostile 
  • External and internal threats exist on the network at all times 
  • Network locality is not sufficient for deciding trust in a network 
  • Every device, user, and network flow is authenticated and authorized 
  • Policies must be dynamic and calculated from as many sources of data as possible 

Why is Zero Trust important? 

Zero trust uses different technologies and principles to tackle cybersecurity challenges using preventive measures. 

Covid-19 brought with it digital transformation and the rise of remote and hybrid work models where persons and devices can work from home/anywhere and connect to IT system and network resources. This has increased the attack surfaces making cybersecurity threat a top priority for organization. This is because employees/persons/devices are operating outside the company network making it more difficult to implement the usual cybersecurity measures to prevent cyberattacks/breaches. 

 So Zero-trust Access Policy; 

  •  Prevents cyber attacks

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Zero-Trust simplifies work for IT teams that need to ensure users/devices can connect safely and securely to the network without the complexity of the old model.IT teams also have to prevent against cyberattacks and Zero Trust helps to improve security and reduce cyberattacks. 

  •  Provides secure access to applications for employees and third-party users 

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Zero Trust provides fast, simple and secure access for all users unlike the traditional access technologies like the VPN where users access can be compromised leading to data breaches. 

  •  Simplifies cybersecurity doing more with less 

Zero Trust has simplified organizations access and security reducing IT resources needed to keep up to date and prevent cyberattacks with ever evolving threats.  

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