Cybersafety connections December 26, 2022, vol#98  

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  • Merry Christmas. This week we continue with the 4th Cybersecurity game plan-future proof cyber workforce.  
  • Zero Trust and Secure Access Aervice Edge (SASE) are areas of focus for cyber talent development.  
  • Staff Augumentation in having temporary IT staff fill in vacant positions.  

Future Proof Cyber Talent  

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Due to the ongoing shortage of labor that is prevalent in IT /Cyber workforce, Forbes 5 Cybersecurity Strategies For A Riskier World  suggested that companies invest in training and career development in issues that have come up like Zero Trust and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). This will help the security professionals stay compliant with industry standards.  

You can read more about Zero Trust in a prior blog post Cybersafety connections October 31, 2022, vol#9 Zero Trust and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) in Cybersafety Connections December 2021 Vol#45  Work-from-Home via the Cloud Controls      


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In addition to focusing on Zero Trust and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), automating repetitive, and mundane tasks will free the cyber workforce so they can pay more attention to high value, strategic tasks.  

Temporary IT Staffing  

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Staff augmentation is a suggested solution to IT/cyber talent shortage, and it involves working with staffing agencies to fill the IT/cyber talent positions temporarily when needed. More on staff augmentation can be found in this article from Entrepreneur Staff Augumentation . 

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