Cybersafety Connections January 9th, 2023  vol#100

  • Excited about GPTChat aka GPT3 30 Dirty Deeds series starting this week. 
  • What GPTChat means is Generative Pre-trained Transformer. It learns and is trained by users’ input. 
  • Like a human brain chatbot called GPTChat is controlled by OpenAI and large machine models that can be supervised or unsupervised.  
  • The Dirty 30 Deeds of GPTChat begins.  
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This week we are diving into what I call the 30 Dirty Deeds about our new ‘human brain” Chatbot. I was excited when I heard about it and cooled my interest when Elon Musk cautioned about it on Twitter. And I am talking about GPTChat. GPT simply stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer that is meant to transform our lives! No this is not the car in the Transformer movies.  

Like the human brain  

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GPTChat is based on OpenAI and large machine models that learn and improve from user input. Large machine models can be supervised neural network needing human intervention or unsupervised neural network not needing human intervention to learn and discover patterns. 

AI is designed to perceive, reason and understand and tries to imitate human decision-making using knowledge and intuition. AI tries to remember relationships between variables based on experience. Gleim CPA Review; BEC-Business Environment and Concepts 2016 Edition  You have both AI and Large machine models working together.

Alright you know how our brains have neurons that are information messengers which pass on information between the different parts of the brain and between the brain and our nervous systems? That is the way the AI tries to operate like the human brain learning from previous situations, getting feedback and trying to improve. 

 AI neural networks is fashioned after our own very brain just more powerful because of its big data abilities. AI neural networks have more neurons and are faster in processing and decision making using large data sets.  

When I wrote the CPA exams about 6 years ago, the exam section formerly known as Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) had a portion devoted to IT Roles, Systems and Processing and discussed AI Neural networks. I was fascinated by the idea of a technology trained to think and make decisions like the human brain. 

You know what ?GPTChat can be anything you want it to be for you- help you in your chosen field of endeavors like your personal assistant! It is like you speak to GPTChat, it takes instructions, tries to come up with the best solution for you- like write a song, do your homework if you are a student……… 

30 Dirty Deeds 

I was really looking for this kind of personal assistant just like I had high hopes for Alexa, but it has its drawbacks and cybersecurity concerns. Imagine this Chatbot wanting to take the load off me, yet it cannot read my professional and business publications for me so it can take the load off my own brain!  

Alright to the Dirty 30 Deeds on GPTChat over the next 5 weeks! This publication written by Prakash Prasad Top 30+ security vulnerabilities of GPTChat is the basis of our five weeks GPTChat run.  Herecis the license for this publication that has been modified

Let’s go. As you can see it is the same old fraud/scam concerns with new technological innovation!  

Tracking and hacking Pattern  

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GPTChat can learn your patterns and behavior traits just like tracking apps. Cybercriminals that gain unauthorized access to this data can use it for evil purposes.  

 Privacy Breaches 

Since you interact and feed GPTChatbot information that it uses to improve and become better, it is possible that this information can become exposed just like the current situation we have with data breach/hacks. This is like the case with many messaging apps and devices that claim to be encrypted yet get hacked.  

Numerous privacy advocates worried about data leaks and misuse are involved in doing extensive research about this issue.  

Gathering Private information  

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If you provide your email, your email can be used to profile you. And your cellphone number can help profile you even better. And so can your web browser information and your device fingerprint, all be used to gather information about you even if there are claims of being transparent.  

Social Engineering  

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GPTChat has the capability to carry out social engineering attacks with high precision that can break through or bypass security measures. Just like social engineers build trust to exploit with information gathered, GPTChat can navigate systems armed with information it has collected to carry out attacks. 

Aiding Crime 

GPTChat does not have the ability to differentiate between sex, gender and age. GPTChat can guide users in the direction of sexual assault and if in the wrong hands can be used for hate speech and extreme violent acts.  

These are just some of the possible scams/crimes that GPChatbot can aid even though GPTChat has the capabilities to transform our lives. 

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