Cybersafety Connections January 16th, 2023  vol# 101

  • Here is week 2 of the 30 Dirty Deeds of GPTChat. GPChat stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer that learns and is being trained by users’ input. This blog has reached 101 publication!
  • GPChat can be a friend and foe assisting and sabotaging. 
  • GPChat dirty deeds #6 through #10 curated. 

Week 2 of 30 Dirty Deeds of GPTChat 

GPChat stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer learning and being trained by users input. 

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Week 2 of the 30 Dirty Deeds of GPTChat based on this publication written by Prakash Prasad   Top 30+ security vulnerabilities of GPTChat.( CC BY-SA licenses-terms-sa-4.0 .In addition we have Fortune the Reader-Editor in Chief Alyson Shontell note on GPChat touching on the benefits it brings as well as security concerns. This is the 101st publication on this blog.

GPChat – our Friend and Foe 

Our very able and capable assistant (or boss?) is very capable of some dark deeds. Is the amazing assistant becoming a dangerous foe science fiction? Not really. These dark deeds have been around only this time it is being enabled by another tech innovation – GPChat! 

PII Disclosure  

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GPTChat can write codes that can expose personally identifiable information (PII) in any database from the financial systems to medical records. Someone that cannot write codes can simply download the malicious code written by GPChat on a device that can then be connected to these systems to execute the code which would compromise the system.  

Critical infrastructure  

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GPChat can write codes that can attack our critical infrastructures and cause power outages that would affect a surgeon carrying out surgery using robots, our traffic lights will go out causing accidents and chaos not to mention surveillance going dark! The terrorist has nothing on GPChat –this is a techie terrorist! Remember the ransomware attacks on Colonial Pipeline, and JBS Foods in 2021? 

Better than our brains  

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With the amazing abilities that GPChat possesses through OpenAI and Machine Learning, GPChat can surpass our human intelligence in producing bestsellers, it is so excellent that it can take over manual jobs by writing codes and manuals for tasks, win chess tournaments, and excel at certification exams. As mentioned last week GPChat can help students with assignments and probably cheat on exams. GPChat gone rogue can hack data and the same GPChat can also be used to stop the hack.  

Exploit errors, bugs in codes  

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If there is an error in computer codes, before it is fixed or patched, GPChat can fish out the errors in codes, and cause the software to malfunction before there is a fix/patch, that is take advantage of zero day. In the same way, GPChat can also teach humans how to exploit bugs/errors/ in codes and launch attacks.  

Beyond human capability or limitations  

GPchat has capabilities beyond the human brain/intellect because it has more neural networks and uses large data sets. In the same way, it cannot be limited like humans with our mental or physical limitations. GPChat can take over our world since it cannot be controlled by humans but creates better versions of itself.!GPChat can look for ways and methods to launch attacks or cause data breaches. 

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