Cybersafety Connections January 23rd, 2023, vol#102  

  • This week we continue with our series ChatGPT 30 Dirty Deeds Series – #11-#15.  
  • Most of these scams are old scams that are getting help from new technology.  
  • Behold this week here is our list of possible scams.  

ChatGPT 30 Dirty Deed #11-15  

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Week 3 of the 30 Dirty Deeds of ChatGPT based on this publication written by Prakash Prasad   Top 30+ security vulnerabilities of GPTChat.( CC BY-SA licenses-terms-sa-4.0.  

It’s Old Scam new tech 

Most of the scams discussed are old scams just helped by the new technology ChatGPT – Generative Pre-trained Transformer.  

Dirty Deeds #11-#15 

Phishing and Spoofing attacks  

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ChatGPT is capable of creating and executing phishing emails to trick users to click on links to provide personally identifying information. This applies to spoofing attacks as well where hackers and attackers trick users into providing personal information by imitating emails, phone calls, and websites that can bypass security software.  

 Carding attacks  

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Carding is when stolen credit card numbers are obtained by fraudsters, then bots are used to test the credit card numbers on an e-commerce website to see which credit cards can be used for purchases. This causes merchants to lose money when these purchases have to be refunded or charged back. Fraudsters can use these credit cards to buy gift cards to hide their tracks.

There was a successful carding ChatGPT experiment carried out. The author suggested as a resource for business owners to protect and secure their e-commerce stores.  

 Attacks made according to specification  

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Phishing attacks, email spoofing, and non-detectable spam messages, data breaches are getting to the point where they will be made to specification and are capable of breaching security architecture.   

Not Connected to the Internet?  

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ChatGPT is claimed not to be connected to the online world and yet has access to the knowledge base of the index on Wikipedia, google, and other knowledge libraries. Maybe it is working underground or in incognito mode. ChatGPT can carry out malicious remote operations. If you are not connected to the internet, can you have access to these online resources?

I know that I am not able to access information from other websites on my devices if I am not connected to the internet. How does ChatGPT do it, is it by telepathy?  

 Carry Out/Aid  

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ChatGPT can assist with spying(espionage) and carry out stealth operations like nation-states for a long time without being detected. This is called advanced persistent threat (APT) (googled it). Remember the Solar Wind data breach where the bad actors gained unauthorized access and were spying undetected from September 2019 to Dec 13, 2020?  

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