Cybersafetyconnections September 26,2022 vol#85 

  • Last week I wrote about the tips considered essential for both small and big businesses to protect against cyberattacks. 
  • In the next couple of weeks and the last quarter of 2022, I will be expounding on each tip weekly. 
  • Today we start with tip #1.-Training. 
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  • Who should be trained 

What you don’t know you don’t know. Education and training are essential in the fight against cyberattacks for both the C-Suite and all levels of staff. The goal of training and education is to create awareness of what cyberattacks are, recognize red flags, the impact of cyberattacks on businesses, consumers, and the economy as a whole, and ways to mitigate cyberattacks. It requires all hands-on deck from the C-Suite to the lower-level employees, the government, the private sector, and the international communities all collaborating in the fight against cybercrime. 

  • How training can be done 
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The training can be delivered in various formats that is suitable for both C-Suite and all employees. The format I currently follow is called nano learning where you get bit-by-bit training in addition to in – person seminars, workshops, webinars, masterclasses, on-line courses, hybrid etc. This is to help with the retention of what is learned and avoid information overload in our already crowded minds and busy lives. 

  • When should training be done? 
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It is important new hires be educated and trained on cybersecurity on getting employed. All employees need to be trained continually. And consider the timing that would be suitable for the busy C-Suite executives. After the initial education and training, training should be done periodically for all employees. 

  • Beyond Training 

And it does not stop at training. There is need to implement what is learned, to test for compliance and reward or take corrective actions for failure to comply with set standards after education and training. This is likely to help our minds retain what was learned. Additionally, some staff may be more hands-on in their approach to learning. 

Training is not a one-off event; it should be continuous because people become careless or forget and click on links and also to help keep current with emerging threats! 

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